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Our History

From humble beginnings and through changing times, Montgomery Hardware Company has endured and prospered by being dedicated to an industry and being committed to satisfying the ever-changing needs of our customers and suppliers. Today, those founding principles continue to guide us as we strive to be the leading new construction and aftermarket distributor and installer of doors and frames, door hardware and security products in Southern California.


A History of Innovation
The world was emerging from the Great War when Montgomery Hardware was founded in 1917. Los Angeles and Southern California were at the beginning of an era defined by unprecedented growth. That growth along with advancements in products, construction techniques and increased concerns about fire and life safety created extensive business opportunities for knowledgeable and dedicated companies. We have grown with both the community and the industry we serve.

Continuing the Commitment
Montgomery Hardware Company combines a tradition of dedication and commitment with the skills and competencies required to excel in today's competitive marketplace. Throughout our history, we've adapted to the changing needs and increasing challenges of our customers and our industry. Our future requires that we continue to build on our foundation of trust, exceptional service and reliability. While we remain focused on meeting the engineering and technical requirements of large and complex new construction projects and renovations, we continue to excel at the repair and maintenance requirements of commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental end-users.